Navigating A Financial Path

Friday, June 21st, 2019

By: Peter Vander Ploeg, CFP®

Have you ever tried to drive somewhere without knowing exactly where you needed to go?  You start driving in vaguely the right direction, only to look up the specific directions as you get closer.  What if there was a better way?  What if you could know the exact route from the onset?  What if that route considered traffic at that time of day?  What if that route automatically adjusted if there was a crash in your way?  Would you use that technology?  Of course!  That’s why so many people use Waze or Google Maps to navigate around town.

Now apply that same pattern of thought to your finances.  Do you know where you want to go?  Have you considered what can slow you down?  Do you know how to adjust when a crash blocks your path?  Creating a financial plan can help you in every life stage.  As Certified Financial Planners™, our goal is to help you navigate your finances like a pro.  Here’s how we do it.

  1. Establish a Relationship – Founded in 1995; Shine Investment Advisory Service was one of the first Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) in the country. Since then, we have built strong, long-lasting client relationships.  When a client needs to make a big life decision, they call us.
  2. Develop Goals and Gather Data – We start with a consultative process that helps you define your personal and financial goals while understanding your values and the important relationships needed to make your goals possible.
  3. Analyze and Evaluate Your Financial Status – We are focused on a team approach to provide over 75 years of combined financial planning experience. One advisor will take the lead, but you will have the minds of all five of us.
  4. Review CFP® Professional Recommendations – We usually break your recommendations into two meetings. One meeting to review your investment recommendations and one to review your financial plan.  Our goal is to help you feel confident and empowered to achieve your goals and dreams.
  5. Set the Course – We will be proactive to get the initial plan started, the ongoing organization to keep things on track and the accountability to make sure follow-up items aren’t overlooked.
  6. Monitor and Adjust – You can count on us to provide objective advice over time as your goals in life may change. We believe a plan is only valuable if it reflects your current circumstances and future visions.  We’ll set regular meetings to discuss your progress.

It has been our pleasure to serve over 300 clients since we opened the door.  Throughout that time, we have helped many successful business owners, executives, professionals, and inheritors navigate the transition from business ownership to sale, working to retirement, and newfound wealth.

Give us a call to let us give you the kind of advice we would give our own families and friends.  We look forward to your call.