Fee-Only Financial Advice

Fee-only financial advice is transparent and provides for a safe conversation about money.  Unlike sales professionals, brokers, or product representatives, our firm works exclusively for you.  You will never have to question our loyalties by wondering if our advice is related to product sales or other financial conflicts of interest.

In our profession, this is called the “Fiduciary Standard” of practice.  We have always called it the right way to provide financial advice.


Everybody has questions about their finances; Some are basic, some are more complicated.  Since 1995, we have valued the trust over 300 clients have put in us to provide integrity and accountability regarding their financial lives.

At Shine, trust-filled and long-lasting client relationships begin with our commitment to act in the best interest of our clients and continue with a tailored financial plan to achieve one end – a life well lived.

As future generations of people seek objective advice, our only allegiance will be to our clients.  Let us provide you the kind of thoughtful advice and guidance that we’d give our own families.