Financial Planning


When you become a client of Shine, we start by collaborating with you so that we can understand your “big picture” – your needs, your dreams, your goals, and even your fears.  As we work through your questions, financial decisions become easier and clearer.  Your life becomes less complicated and your odds of success, go up.  You sleep better at night because we do the worrying for you.

The goal of our planning process is to create a “map” of financial actions that will get you safely from Point A, where you are now, to Point B, where you want to be in the near-term and to Point C, where you want to be in the long-term future.

We provide personalized attention to the details of the plan, so it fits with who you are and what you want to accomplish, and with the least amount of stress.  We make sure that it gets done.

Along the way, we coordinate with your other advisors – your accountant, attorney, and insurance agent—to make sure everybody is on the same page and the overall plan is reliable, efficient, and protected.


Avoiding significant financial missteps is just as important (or even more so) to your financial success as making sound financial decisions. Our rigorous process is designed to analyze and review everything that touches you financially.

We review your insurance coverages (property and casualty, liability, life, health, and long-term care) to help you protect your family from risks that could derail your financial progress.

We evaluate your investments to identify risky concentrations in a single stock, illiquid asset, sub-market, or sector. And, advise on income tax strategies to help you retain a greater percentage of every dollar you earn.


We believe every financial plan should be a living document that serves your changing needs – it cannot be addressed just once and then put on auto-pilot.  As you move forward in your journey, your circumstances will inevitably change.  You’ll achieve short-term goals and need to make new ones.  The unforeseen will happen.  There may be pleasant surprises; there may be setbacks.  But, we will be here to help along the way.