Investment Management


Investment management does not have a completion date if done correctly.  There will be changes to your personal circumstances, the tax laws, and new investment vehicles to consider as time goes on. Our well-defined investment management process is designed to adjust and help you remain committed to your established objectives during volatile market conditions. Our decades of financial planning experience and in-depth professional knowledge of the investment markets serve as the foundation for ongoing any recommendations we make for your investment portfolio.


Our goal is to design a portfolio with the lowest-risk mix of investments needed to achieve your goals.  After getting to know you, we start by thinking of your portfolio as a whole rather than individual pieces and design a comprehensive strategy closely aligned with your financial planning objectives, tolerance for risk, time horizon, and income needs.  The resulting portfolio mix of stocks, bonds, ‘alternatives’ and cash includes both active and passive investments representing the best-in-class managers from 11+ asset classes.


Our investment strategies are long-term in nature, based on the most compelling academic and scientific literature, and grounded on our decades of experience with the ever-fluctuating investment markets. We do not engage in market timing or trying to “beat the market” because the evidence [and our experience] strongly suggest those strategies don’t work and are dangerous to your financial health and well-being.